Kinetic Modeling of Nitration of Glycerol

  •  Erna Astuti    
  •  Supranto Supranto    
  •  Rochmadi Rochmadi    
  •  Agus Prasetya    
  •  Krister Strom    
  •  Bengt Andersson    


Glycerol can be synthesized to make 1,3-dinitroglycerin as an intermediate product to produce polyglycidyl nitrate. This study performed kinetic modeling of nitration used elementary reactions that consisting of seven reversible reactions. The aim of this present work is to find out the representing reaction of seven reactions tested. The concept work is to study the reaction rates and its relation to the position of the nitrated hydroxyl group in the molecule. Nitration of glycerol to 1,3-dinitroglycerin was studied in the temperature range 10-30 °C, the molar ratio of nitric acid to glycerol 1/1 to 7/1 and nitric acid concentration of 69%. The seven reaction terms represent the reactions that occurred in the nitration of glycerol. The position of hydroxyl group in molecule causes difference reaction rate. The primary hydroxyl group is more reactive than secondary hydroxyl group. The parameter values describe that the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th reaction rates are very fast. On the contrary, the 2nd, 4th and 6th reaction rates are slow.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.