Study of Cable Force of Construction Control and Alignment Control of Main Girders for Long-Span Railway Cable-Stayed Bridges

  •  Zengshun Chen    
  •  Cheng Zhang    
  •  Jianting Zhou    
  •  Jun Song    
  •  Chunrong Huang    


Cable force of construction control and alignment control of main girders are key factors for long-span railway cable-stayed bridges. To make both stayed cable force and alignment of main girders under ideal state simultaneously during construction, based on first-order optimum algorithm, this article regards bending strain energy as an objective function, and then the initial tension can be known through iteration. After analyzing the impact of some factors on alignment control of main girders, such as initial tension of stayed cables and construction load, the formula of alignment control about main girders can be obtained. Finally, taking one of the world's largest railway cable-stayed bridges for an example, the article calculates the initial tension of stayed cables, and analyses the effects of some factors on alignment control of long-span railway cable-stayed bridges. It turns out that this method can keep the alignment and internal force of main girders reasonable.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.