Research of X-ray Nondestructive Detection System for High-speed running Conveyor Belt with Steel Wire Ropes

  •  Junfeng Wang    
  •  Changyun Miao    
  •  Yue Cui    
  •  Wei Wang    
  •  Lei Zhou    


The principle of X-ray nondestructive testing (NDT) is analyzed, and the general scheme of the X-ray nondestructive testing system is proposed. The hardware of the system is designed with Xilinx!?s VIRTEX-4 FPGA in whichPowerPC and MAC IP core are embedded, and its peripheral circuits. The network communication software based on TCP/IP protocol, which runs on the hardware platform, is programmed by loading LwIP to PowerPC in XilKernal system. On the basis of analysing image processing algorithm, the image processing software running on the PC is programmed. The NDT of high-speed conveyor belt with steel wire ropes and network transfer function are implemented. It is a strong real-time system with rapid scanning speed, high reliability and remotely nondestructive testing function. The nondestructive detector can be applied to the detection of product line in industry. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.