The Pre-set Peeling Testing Method of the Hydroetangling Wood Pulp-PET Fiber Composite Web Materials

  •  Si Zhao    


Hydroetangling wood pulp-PET fiber web, which is an excellent wipe material. But some fate short coming-particle
peeling, arising when it used as wipes, and the peeling particle would do harm to some devices. Therefore, this case
even worse when the fabric damping. The four pre-set peeling tests have been signed for this phenomenon, which have
imitated some situations of the pre-set peeling under the mechanics functions. The statistics from these tests, combined the analyzing of the different raw materials and processes of the hydroetangling wood pulp-PET fiber web, are regular and convincible. So it is indicate that the pre-set peeling conditions can be explained well by these four testing methods, which are reasonable and feasible.

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