Experimental Study on High Power Laser Welding of Ship Steel Plate

  •  Yu Wang    
  •  Xichen Yang    
  •  Jianbo Lei    
  •  Chaolong Ying    


This article puts forward adopting the fast-flow axis high power CO2  laser to weld the ship steel plate and mainly
studies the influences of technical parameters to the seam. This article also analyzes and tests the welded products
which are in the conditions of laser power of 8 kW, welding speed of 1m/min and focus position below 3mm of the
workpiece. The results indicate that the distortion of laser welding is small, the ratio of depth and width are bigger than
2:1, and the structure is compact and has no deficiency and presents tiny martensite and few remnants austenite. Laser
welding of ship steel plate can realize shaping double sides up one time with single side welding by choosing
reasonable welding technical parameters. Therefore, the laser welding ship steel plate technique possesses high practical

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.