Effect of the First Coagulating Bath Composing on the Structure of PES Membrane

  •  Zhenlei Li    


Make PES flat-sheet style membrane through the method of dual-bath coagulation method. Change the composing of
the first coagulating bath and make the casting membrane liquid stay in the first coagulating bath for enough time and
control the surface and interior structure of the membrane at the same time. Study the interior and exterior structure
when the DMAc mass fraction of first coagulating bath is among 0%-70%, and find out with the increase of mass
fraction, the interior structure of membrane transits from the form of finger pore to the form of spongy pore, and when
the mass fraction of the first coagulating bath achieves 70%, there is no structure with the form of finger pore, but the
opening structure on the membrane surface appears when the mass fraction is 60% and increases with the increase of
concentration. When the mass fraction of the first coagulating bath is among 0%-50%, the pure water flux of the
membrane decreases with the concentration, and the rejection ratio of BSA change less, and when the concentration of the first coagulating bath exceeds 60% and the openings appear on the membrane surface, the pure water flux would
ascend but the rejection ratio would markedly decrease.

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