Interface Roughness Parameters and Shear Strength

  •  Antonio D'Andrea    
  •  Cristina Tozzo    
  •  Alberto Boschetto    
  •  Luana Bottini    


The interlayer bond strength between binder and wearing course and several possible treatments of enhancing the contact surface roughness and the interlocking are investigated. For this purpose, conventional methods, such as shear tests, but also laser image acquisition of the binder upper surface have been used. The mechanical outcomes of a shear test device and the binder surface roughness parameters, have been compared looking for a relation between the shear performance and the surface characteristics. The comparison between the roughness average and the root mean square of the profile heights with the maximum shear stress shows the achievement of the same strength level for treatments with similar roughness parameters, as proved by the statistical analysis. Furthermore, the comparison between the roughness parameter kurtosis and the maximum height of the profile with the slope of the response curve before the peak and residual shear stress, demonstrates a better locking for more high peaks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.