Comparative Research on Alkaloid!fl Quantity among Clone Plants of Pinellia Ternate

  •  Jianhong Zeng    
  •  Zhengsong Peng    


Determine the quantity of Alkaloid among 15 clone plants of Pinellia ternate (Thunb.) Breit so as to offer theoretical basis on boosting the enrichment of effective elements in Pinellia ternate in plants!fl bodies.According to the principle of acid-dye colorimetry, adopt the method of chloroform extraction to determine under 417nm wavelength and make analysis of variance. Obtain favorable linear relationship (r=0.9989) and recovery (100.1%). RSD is 2.3%. The quantity of Alkaloid among the 15 clone plants of Pinellia ternate reaches to a prominent level (P=0.002<0.01). The differences of the elements!fl quantit measured among clone plants are extremely obvious, making it possible to propagate asexually by high-content variation plants in the short term to boost the quantity of effective elements in Pinellia ternate, and then realize the objective to boost the quantity rapidly from the individual selection.

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