A Texture Simulation Technique for Textile Exhibition and Design

  •  Haikong Lu    
  •  Zhili Zhong    


ue for the simulation of soft and flexible objects such as textile
In this paper, we propose a texture simulation techniq
products. This grid acts as the intermediate space between planar space and texture space. Since users can interactively
build and modify the texture grid, the target object can be simulated flexibly. Compared with the traditional texture
simulation techniques for polygonal models, the technique  dramatically reduces the computation and storage in
simulation process, as it is image based. Another advantage of the technique is the simply of using especially for
amateur users in comparison with the transitional techniques using polygonal models. In our implementation, user may
need to adjust the texture grid locally to simulate the special effect such as wrinkles on the clothes. And the
color-blending process used in this work was considered to be adequate in simulating realistic and pleasing effect for the

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.