Research of Quality Improvement and Quality Innovation Based on Knowledge Fermenting Model

  •  Jin Wang    
  •  Jinsheng He    
  •  Jiansheng Tang    


Quality improvement and quality innovation are the important approach to enhance competitive force for enterprises. Quality improvement is a process of knowledge innovation in nature which must be actualized by organizational learning.
This article starts from the relations among quality improvement, quality innovation and the ability of organizational learning, analyzes the knowledge moving rule in the interior process of quality improvement and innovation and expatiates on the creation, development and diffusion mechanisms of quality knowledge in the quality flow based on the knowledge
fermenting theory of organizational learning. Furthermore, taking the quality control (QC) group as an example, this article analyzes the behaviors and functions of nuclear factors such as quality knowledge sourdough, quality knowledge matrix and quality knowledge enzyme in the process of quality knowledge fermenting, and these nuclear factors function mutually in the quality knowledge fermenting bar. This article also puts forward five types of quality knowledge fermentation and analyzes their characters respectively, points out the implementation of knowledge fermentation possesses meanings to enhance the level of quality improvement and quality innovation for enterprises.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.