Preparation and Performance Characteristics of Resin-filled EVAL Hollow Fiber Membrane

  •  Ling Chen    


Take the ethylene-vinyl alcohol (EVAL) copolymer as the infrastructural material, the anion exchange resin D301R as the functional grains, adopt dry-wet method to make resin-filled EVAL hollow fiber membrane, test the pure water flux of the membrane, the rejection rate of the bovine serum albumin (BSA) and the static absorption performance of BSA.
Check the influences of coagulation bath temperature and copolymer mass fraction to pure water flux and rejection rate. The experimental results indicate that the mass fraction of EVAL is 18%, the mass fraction of resin is 24%, and when the temperature of coagulation bath is in 40~50!aC , the repared resin-filled EVAL hollow fiber membrane has good
mechanical intensity, high pure water flux, better BSA adsorption performance that the adsorption capacitance can achieve 25.04mgBSA/g membrane.

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