Oxovanadium (IV) Dipicolinate: Structure Nucleolytic and Anticancer Property

  •  Teoh Guan    
  •  Ng Hee    
  •  Tarn Lai    
  •  Lim Khoon    
  •  Sharif Mansor    
  •  Pauline Balraj    
  •  Tai Chu    
  •  Bohari M. Yamin    
  •  Seik Ng    


Diaqua(dipicolinato)oxovanadium (IV) ethanol solvate crystallizes in the triclinic space group P1. The complex was characterized by FTIR, elemental analysis, thermal gravimetric analysis, and solution visible spectral analysis. The complex alone cleaved DNA in the absence of hydrogen peroxide and its nucleolytic efficiency is greater than that of VOSO4. Its nucleolytic efficiency is affected by the choice of buffer used and pH. DNA cleavage can be inhibited by DMSO, NaN3 and catalase, implying involvement of ROS. An MTT assay, involving the lung cancer cell line PC9, gave IC50 values of 9.5 ?M and 16 ?M for the complex and VOSO4 respectively. For breast cancer cell line MCF-7, this complex is less cytotoxic, with an IC50 of 16 ?M.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.