The Reliability Analysis of N-Unit Series Repairable System With One Replaceable Repair Facility and a Repairman Doing Other Work

  •  Xianyun Meng    
  •  Yanqin Guan    
  •  Jianying Yang    
  •  Taotao Wang    


A model of N-unit series repairable systems with a repairman doing other work is studied and the impact on the system reliability because of a replaceable facility is also considered. It is assumed that the life of each unit, the life of the facility are exponentially distributed, the repair time of the unit, the replace time of the facility and the work time of the repairman outside the system are all generally distributed. By using approach of supplementary variables and method of generalized Markov progress, some important reliability indicates of the system and the facility are obtained.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.