Market Research on the Ephedra Resource in Xinjiang and its Development Trend

  •  Yundong Liu    
  •  Shaoming Wang    


Basing on referring to the literature about the usage of ephedra resource in Xinjiang, using the methods of personal investigation, telephone interview and E-mail, market research on the ephedra resource in Xinjiang was carried out in relevant governmental department, enterprises, scientific research institute, ephedra planter and those who reap ephedra. The formation and development of ephedra resource market in Xinjiang and the products were analyzed. In accordance with the status quo and future of ephedra market in Xinjiang, countermeasures were put forward to make full use of ephedra resource in the aspects of enterprise production, combination of traditional Chinese medicine and ecological environment protection.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.