Ethylene Fueled Scramjet Combustion Experiments

  •  Deng weixin    
  •  Le Jialing    
  •  Yang Shunhua    
  •  Tian Ye    
  •  Zhang Wanzhou    
  •  Xu Mingheng    


Effect of fueling scheme on ethylene-fueled scramjet combustion performance is investigated based on pulse wind-tunnel direct connected experiment platform. Both numerical computing and optical diagnosing are employed to reveal the physical features of the scramjet model. The structure of combustor flow-field is uncovered by high speed schlieren experiments. Also the structure is product by numerical computing. The good agreement between experiment results and computing results validated the reliability of numerical computing. The first and second injector’s lean limits and rich limits for combustion are obtained through injecting characteristics experiments. The time evolution of flame with ethylene injected at different single injector are demonstrated by high speed videos. The flame stabilization mode for the first injector is “fuel injection jet-wake stabilized mode”, which for the second injector is “cavity stabilized mode”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.