Based on the Theory of Reliability High Piers Short Towers Cable-Stayed Bridge Characteristic Parameter Analysis

  •  Song Jun    
  •  Zhou Jianting    
  •  Yang Jianxi    
  •  Chen Zengshun    


In view of high pier extradosed cable-stayed bridge structure characteristics, Yunnan Nanpangjiang River Bridge is taken as an example. This paper studies the influence of parameter change on the structure of the main girder by adjusting the girder height, cable tower height, bending stiffness and the cable tower pier stiffness. It can help us understand mechanical properties of the structure so as to estimate safety evaluation when the structure parameters are changed. Furthermore, it can provide the reference for economic and reasonable structure form design in the bridge of safety evaluation. It also can evaluate the safety of girder and tower through reliability theory. The result shows that the application of reliability theory is reliable and practical to evaluate the high pier extradosed cable-stayed bridge safety performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.