Influence of Twisting Ratio and Loop Length on Loop Deflection of Flat Fabrics

  •  Jiaxuan Zhang    
  •  Jin Li    


Twisting ratio and loop length are the main factors to make the loop of plain-knitted fabric deflective. Through taking the wool/acrylic blended knitted fabrics as the experimental material and knitting single plain-knitted fabric on the computer-controlled flat knitting machine, in this article, we validate and compare influences of twisting ratio and loop length on the deflection angle of wale. Through the experiment, conclusions include that the linear relationship is presented between the wale deflection angle and the twist of the bunched line (when the twist of the single yarn is certain), and the loop deflection of the fabric with long length loop will change more obvious with the change of twist, and the rinse can strengthen the tendency of the deflection of wale loop.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.