An Introduction to Regression Analysis on Parameters Selection in Beltline Moulding Process

  •  Abdul Bon    
  •  Jean Ogier    
  •  Ahmad Razali    


The world of manufacturing industries is forced to meet the demand of the end users in many different aspects especially to reduce the number of defects and production cost. Since then, the manufacturers have many introduced techniques and strategies in order to achieve zero defects for end products. Therefore, this research is an early attempt to introduce a proper method for manufacturers to achieve their goal starting from parameters selection and then optimization to control the belt line moulding production process. We apply regression analysis to make parameters selection and then used the best variables selected to optimize or in this case to minimize defects in belt line moulding process. The findings from this study we found from the correlation model only three parameters have strong correlation of fourteen parameters were studied. The results are very useful evidence and applicability to beltline moulding manufacturer for implementation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.