Determination of Glucose and Fructose from Glucose Isomerization Process by High performance Liquid Chromatography with UV Detection

  •  N A. Rahman    
  •  M. Hasan    
  •  M.A. Hussain    
  •  J Jahim    


Analysis of fructose and glucose from glucose isomerization process using immobilised glucose isomerase (IGI), {Sweetzyme from Novozymes} are often performed by HPLC methods with refractive index (RI) detector.  This study is focused on developing new methods of measuring glucose and fructose using a specific carbohydrate column. The importance of this research, primarily based on the performance of the HPLC with ultra-violet (UV) detection as another alternative of detector rather than using RI . The method was carried out under the following condition; UV detection was made at 195 nm  with column temperature of 300C , flow rate of 0.6 ml/min and injections of 20?L . The ratio of acetonitrile and the deionised water used was 80% to 20%. From the results, the detection of fructose and glucose by HPLC with acetonitrile and water as solvents can be obtained using UV detection (195nm) instead of the commonly used detector of RI.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.