Analysis and Design of Storage Battery Charge/Discharge Equalization Management

  •  Jiaqi Wang    


This article introduces the design of storage batter charge/discharge equalization system of the electrical cars based on HT46R47. Because it becomes into one difficulty in the development of electrical cars that the characters of the battery decides the equalization of the battery electric quantity, so this system adopts the equalization management to the storage battery charge/discharge, adjusts the unsuited batteries (over charge/over discharge) in the initial adjustment process, and implements equalization in the later charge process. The system makes the use capacity and the cycle life of the storage battery fully enhance. At the same time, this charger adopts the SCM as the main control component, which has many advantages such as simple and credible circuit, short charge time, low power consumption, low use trouble rate and so on.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.