Analysis of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger

  •  Kaliannan Saravanan    
  •  Rangasamy Rajavel    


In the present study, the heat transfer coefficients of benzene in a spiral plate heat exchanger are investigated. The test section consists of a Plate of width 0.3150 m, thickness 0.001 m and Mean hydraulic diameter of 0.01 m. The mass flow rate of water (Hot fluid) is varying from 0.5 kg sec-1 to 0.8 kg sec-1 and the mass flow rate of benzene (cold fluid) varies from 0.4 kg sec-1 to 0.7 kg sec-1. Experiments have been conducted by varying the mass flow rate, temperature and pressure of cold fluid, keeping the mass flow rate of hot fluid constant. The effects of relevant parameters on spiral plate heat exchanger are investigated. The data obtained from the experimental study are compared with the theoretical data. Besides, a new correlation for the nusselt number which can be used for practical applications is proposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.