Manpower Management Benefits Predictor Method for Aircraft Two Level Maintenance Concept

  •  Yuanda Wang    
  •  Bifeng Song    


In maintenance management process of aircraft, how to use the lesser maintenance manpower to get in return the higher maintenance Benefits, it is a problem that the management specialists pay more attention to, so, manpower management and cost estimate are the important compose parts of aircraft Life Cycle Costs (LCC) management. Via improve the maintenance level of aircraft, predigesting maintenance system from three level to two level maintenance (TLM) could save manpower, improve readiness, achieve the goal of bring favorable maintenance management Benefits. We imported gray system Verhulst model theory, established the manpower management forecast model for transforming maintenance system, and predicted according to the actual save manpower data of the United State Air Force. It is proved that the creditability of the prediction model is higher, has certain practical value.

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