The Representative Curve of Type-2 Fuzzy Data Point Modeling

  •  Rozaimi Zakaria    
  •  Abd. Fatah Wahab    
  •  R.U. Gobithaasan    


This paper discusses about the construction of type-2 fuzzy data points (T2FDPs) to capture the ambiguity of complex uncertainty data points based on the type-2 fuzzy set theory (T2FST). The construction is based on the type-2 fuzzy number’s (T2FN) definition since we deal with the problem of defining the complex uncertainty data points. In order to develop T2FDPs, we use interpolating cubic Bezier curve model for better undestandingof the resultant curve. There are three procedures to obtain crisp T2FDPs in the singular data form. These procedures include fuzzification (alpha-cut operation), type-reduction and defuzzification processes. Upon carrying out these procedures, we use interpolating Bezier curve model to visualize the complex uncertainty data points denoted as type-2 fuzzy interpolation Bezier curve (T2FIBC).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.