Mixing Process of Binary Polymer Particles in Different Type of Mixers

  •  S.M. Tasirin    
  •  S.K. Kamarudin    
  •  A.M.A. Hweage    


The main objective of this paper is to investigate the mixing process of free flowing polymers binary mixtures at different densities and colors in two different mixers, namely the bubbling fluidized bed and V-mixer.  The mixing of solids was studied by analyzing the variation of the proportions of the marked particles with time and position in the bed or in the mixer. The variation of mixture composition based on the samples was incorporated into Lacey mixing index which describes the degree of mixing of the particles at particular time. The performance and the mixing behavior in these two mixers were also presented. Results showed that gas velocity and bed depth were important parameters influencing solids mixing in a bubbling fluidized bed. While the rotation speeds and filled up levels were proved as important parameters in influencing the solids mixing in V-mixer. From the results, complete mixings were attained at a bed depth of 17 cm and gas velocity of 1.38Umf in the fluidized bed and 40 % filled up level and 40 rpm in the V-mixer. From the energy consumption point of view, it was found that the fluidized bed mixer offers the most efficient and economical process compared to V-mixer.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.