The Effect of Radial Swirl Generator on Reducing Emissions from Bio-Fuel Burner System

  •  Mohamad Shaiful Ashrul Ishak    
  •  Mohammad Nazri Mohd Jaafar    
  •  Yehia A. Eldrainy    


A liquid bio-fuel burner system with various radial air swirlers attached to combustion chamber of 280 mm inside diameter and 1000 mm length has been investigated. All tests were conducted using crude palm oil as fuel. A radial flow air swirler with curved blades having 50 mm outlet diameter was inserted at the inlet plane of the combustor to produce swirling flow. Fuel was injected at the back plate of the swirler outlet using central fuel injector with single fuel nozzle pointing axially outwards. The swirler vane angles and equivalence ratios were varied. Tests were carried out using four different air swirlers having 45°, 50°, 60°and 70° vane angles. NOx emissions reduction of about 12 percent was obtained at swirl number of 1.911 as compared to 0.780 at the same equivalence ratio of 0.83. In addition, emission of carbon monoxide decreased as the swirl number increased. The results shows that a proper design of air swirler has a great effect on mixing process and hence the combustion and emission.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.