Study on Economic, Rapid and Environmental Power Dispatch Based on Fuzzy Multi-objective Optimization

  •  Lubing Xie    
  •  Songling Wang    
  •  Zhiquan Wu    


Environmental awareness and the recent environmental protecting policies have extremely spurred many electric utilities to regulate their practices to account for the emission impacts. One way to accomplish this is by reformulating the traditional Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) module merely with a view to minimal coal consumption of fossil fired units. This paper presents a triple-objective ELD model which consists of the minimal coal consumption, the best time for the unit commitment response and the economic emission index. The rapid/economic/environmental dispatch problem is a multi-objective non-linear optimization problem with constraints. The fuzzy theory is adopted to convert the multi-objective problem into the single-objective problem. The problem is been tackled through dynamic programming algorithm and the approach is tested on a four-unit system to illustrate the analysis process in present analysis. Results simulated through MATLAB show that the approach has great potential in handling multi-objective optimization problem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.