Implementation of Energy Management Structure for Street Lighting Systems

  •  C. Maheswari    
  •  R. Jeyanthi    
  •  K. Krishnamurthy    
  •  M. Sivakumar    


This work aims to develop an Energy efficient and low cost solution for street lighting system using Global System for Mobile communication [GSM] and General Packet Radio Service [GPRS]. GSM and GPRS are used to establish a communication between the streetlights and the Central Monitoring Station [CMS] at the operator side. The whole setup provides the remote operator to turn off the lights when not required, regulate the voltage supplied to the streetlights and prepare daily reports on glowing hours. Power shut downs also can be intimated to the remote CMS operator through GSM and GPRS communication setup. The energy meter placed at the lighting system sends the readings to the remote CMS in the form of short message [SMS]. From the data collected at CMS, energy report is prepared using visual basic programming.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.