Study on the Service Quality Evaluation and Improvement for Medium and Small Sized Hotels

  •  Fan Chen    


The tourism industry is in the important state in the national economy, and the hotel industry is the important part of the tourism industry, and the medium and small sized hotels occupy certain market share because of the numerous quantity. Because the service qualities of medium and small sized hotels are different, so the service quality of the hotel is the nuclear content of hotel management. At present, the supply exceeds the demand in the global hotel market, and the competitions among hotels are very intense, and who can supply excellent service for customers, who can obtain predominance in the market and attract more customers and get good benefits, and so the service quality is the life of hotel. In China hotel industry, especially for medium and small sized hotels, their management methods are draggled and there service qualities are relatively low, so many problems exist in this industry. As viewed from customers, this article discusses the satisfactory degree measurement about medium and small sized hotels based on the SERVQUAL method put forward by Parsuraman and the domestic scholars’ opinions about hotel service research, and analyzes the service quality problem of medium and small sized hotels and puts forward the project of improvement.

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