Research Progress in Prevention and Cure of Fibrosis by Traditional Chinese Medicine

  •  Yiwen Ma    
  •  Ruixia Kang    
  •  Xiaoli Liu    


The development of study on traditional Chinese medicine has seen considerable progress in the prevention and cure of fibrosis by Chinese herbs. Further elucidation on the pathogenesis of fibrosis will be helpful for the study on anti-fibrosis traditional Chinese medicine and medicine selection. Traditional Chinese medicine has the advantage of achieving multiple targets with one dose. And the multiplicity can be enhanced by finding among natural materials activated monomer that has specific pharmacological effect, by elucidating the mechanism of different monomers and effective target positions, and by treating fibrosis according to its multi-facetedness. This paper is a review of major literature produced in the past ten years concerning the anti-fibrosis mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine.

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