Refractive Indices, Ultrasonic Velocities Surface Tension and Thermo Acoustical Parameters of Anisaldehyde+ Benzene at 323.15K

  •  R. Baskaran    
  •  T.R Kubendran    


The studies of ultrasonic velocities, refractive indices and surface tension are being increasingly used as tools for investigation of the properties of pure components and the nature of intermolecular interactions between the liquid mixture constituents. Refractive indices (nD), ultrasonic velocities (u) and surface tension (?) have been measured for the binary liquid mixture of Anisaldehyde +benzene over the entire composition range at 323.15 K. This study involves the evaluation of different thermo acoustical parameters along with the excess properties. The Redlich-Kister model was used to correlate the measured properties. It was found that in all cases, the experimental data obtained fitted with the values correlated by the corresponding models very well. The molecular interactions existing between the components were also discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.