Impact of WTO Reforms on Trade Agreements on Cotton and Clothing in Pakistan

  •  Faraz Lakhani    
  •  Anwar Ali shah G. Syed    
  •  Naveed Shaikh    
  •  Faiz. Shaikh    


The current research examines the WTO and its impact on of trade agreements on cotton and clothing in Pakistan Data were collected from various secondary sources and analyzed by using SPSS-18. It was revealed that the World Trade Organization (WTO). ATC set out a transitional process for the ultimate removal of quotas and the full adoption of Cotton and clothing products into GATT rules. It was signed in the Uruguay Round of negotiations by this agreement, countries Canada, the EU, Norway, and the US committed to a progressive elimination of MFA restrictions within 10 years, and since January 2005 the WTO is fully implemented. It was revealed that WTO reforms has positive impact on the cotton and cotting exports on Pakistan’s economy. It was further revealed that these trade reforms also bootup the SAFTA trade.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.