Synthesizing Drainage Morphology of Tectonic Watershed in Upper Ing Watershed (Kwan Phayao Wetland Watershed)

  •  Rangsan Ket-ord    
  •  Nipon Tangtham    
  •  Veerasak Udomchoke    


The study was aimed to synthesize drainage morphology of tectonic watershed in upper Ing Watershed in Phayao province, northern Thailand. The morphometric analysis of 12 sub-watersheds was carried out using Geographic Information System (GIS) software-ArcGIS 9.3 for analysing drainage pattern and calculating the 16 theoretical values of drainage morphometric parameters in 3 aspects including linear aspect, areal aspect and relief aspect. The geologic formation and structure are also overlain on drainage morphological map to determine their influence on drainage patterns. The results showed that most areas were dendritic drainage pattern, while rectangular drainage pattern occurs relative to the direction of the fault. Trellis drainage pattern shown on the northeast of the watershed in Mae Puem sub-watershed which the rock layers bend or tilt in syncline structural geology. The upper Ing watershed was classified as a third to fifth order streams, which controlled by physiographic and structural conditions. The tectonic force formed a graben basin which Kwan Phayao wetland is the lowest area of this graben while the high mountain ranges in the western area. As a result, the river is flowing from western highland to lowland quickly especially in the western sub-watershed, this result affecting low permeability, high discharge of runoff and intensity of erosion processes which the calculated drainage morphometric parameters showed the results according to their appearance. It could be said that the drainage patterns in this area is influenced by tectonic structure rather than geologic formation. This study provided more understanding in drainage morphological characteristics of the upper Ing watershed for planning sustainable management of the Kwan Phayao wetland.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.