Moving Mass and Reaction Compound Control System Design for Reentry Aircrafts

  •  Jun Zhou    
  •  Wang Xiaoting    
  •  Peng Lin    


Moving mass control (MMC) method is of benefit to reentry aircrafts in shape maintenance, energy consume reduction and load capability increase. However, as an aerodynamic manipulating method, MMC partially lacks ability to perform effectively during a whole airspace flight. To achieve reentry aircrafts control system design goal of high performance and low energy cost, we propose a moving mass and reaction compound control system design method in this paper. Firstly, dynamic models are established for a reentry aircraft actuated by moving mass and reaction compound control system, including MMC actuator models. Secondly, moving mass control periodic equivalent torque (MMCPET) is defined, and an optimal torque distribution compound control method based on MMCPET prediction is presented. The optimal object of torque distribution is minimizing difference from MMCPET and control torque command given by virtual controller. Finally, comparison simulations are performed to demonstrate validity of the proposed method. Simulation results show that the proposed compound control is more effective than moving mass control. Also, even if performance of compound control is nearly the same as that of reaction control, thrust impulse requirement of the former is close to 1/5 of the latter.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.