A Development of Real-Time-Piecewise Meter for Three-Phase Power

  •  Baida Qu    


Aiming at realising a whole range precision metering for both ultra-lower load power circumstance and normal one, this paper proposed a device for the piecewise real-time metering in terms of load power. The design, at the measuring entrance, took a piecewise inputting real-time load signal from the entrance according to the ratio of its three-phase power; through controlled switching, the load signal measured under different ratio was processed by ATT7022B-type metering chip, and calculated by AT89S52-type MCU under different range; and then was processed to satisfy the output required for the multi-function electrical power metering device. The result of the experiments has demonstrated that the design has realized an error equilibrium over whole range, precise metering and other functions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.