Experimental Studies on Disposal of Various Industrial Solid Wastes

  •  K. Senthilkumar    
  •  V. Sivakumar    
  •  P. Akilamudhan    


In the present study, solid waste from various industries has been collected and characterized. Based on the nature and composition of solid waste, the possible chemical composition is evaluated and value added products are prepared. Methods for conversion of solid wastes into building materials such as bricks and concrete blocks have been described. Mixing of solid waste in various proportions with red soil also carried out as pot experiment. From the results of various tests on final product, it is concluded that solid waste can be used suitably to produce bricks with 25-30% of sludge, for concrete blocks with 45-50% of sludge. By applying this type of alternative, solid waste could be disposed off in a better way without affecting the existing environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.