The Quality Test to Tarim River Sluice Concrete by the Rebound Method

  •  Xindong Zhang    
  •  Yue Han    


The nondestructive examination (NDE) used for concrete defection is a new method of quality testing for concrete and it is characterized by rapid measurement, high precision and low cost. In this article, we introduce the basic principle and the development application of the rebound method. Taking the engineering project in Tarim Dam as an example, we use the rebound method to test the concrete structure in the Tarim River sluice, introduce the test method and approach of the rebound method, and analyze the test result. The result indicates that the nondestructive examination based on the concrete rebound method is an effective method with simple operation, easy operation, convenient use and high computation precision to test the quality of the concrete with large volume and achieve the requirement of the project.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.