Investigating Issues in Mobile Network (In)Security

  •  Johnnes Arreymbi    


The provision of adaptive content to mobile wireless devices has increasingly become very pertinent. Mobile smart phones and other wireless device usage is increasing daily with ground breaking technological developments – in design, style, content and micro-chips performance. Transmission of data in such environments requires absolute security to protect the individual and content. Any interference and interceptions in the communication process would bring about reduce system usage and development benefits. And with the rapid development in global communication networks, the threat of security and in particular that of cellular telecommunication systems is real and highly dangerous. This paper presents Investigating Issues to evaluate the data security protection accorded by the global telecommunication systems against interception, using encryption, authentication, and ciphering. It will also attempt to discuss several issues of mobile wireless (in)security. In so doing, some security flaws in these approaches will be examined and some suggestions made.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.