The Design of Efficient Viterbi Decoder and Realization by FPGA

  •  Yan Liu    
  •  Xiao Yang    
  •  Dian Chen    


Convolution code is a kind of widely used error-correcting codes in the error control field, in order to solve the Viterbi decoding of higher complex degree and lower speed etc. problem, a kind of efficient and reliable Viterbi decode method has been put forward specially. Firstly, the principle of Viterbi decode has been introduced by detail; Secondly, in order to improve the parallel decoding speed, Viterbi decoding algorithm is improved; And then, according to the improved algorithm to achieve high speed and parallel Viterbi decoding method, which is realized easily by FPGA; Finally, the function simulation and test for (2, 1, 7) convolution code has been carried out. The experimental results show that: when the system clock is 64 MHz, eventually the decoding rate of not less than 16 Mbps, improved Viterbi decoding algorithm has lower complexity, improved Viterbi decoding efficiency.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.