Pozzolanic Properties of Micronized Biomass Silica in Enhancing Compressive Strength and Water Permeability of Concrete

  •  Suraya Hani Adnan    
  •  Ismail Abdul Rahman    
  •  Hamidah Mohd Saman    
  •  Fetra Riza    


This study presents the analysis and the benefits from using Micronized Biomass Silica (MBS) of rice husk which comprises of high content of silica. MBS was generated from controlled burning of the husk into off-white biomass silica ash and crushing the ash into micronized size. Concrete samples containing various percentages of MBS were tested for workability, compressive strength and also water permeability performances. It was found that the optimum percentage of MBS added to the concrete that lead to good performance of concrete in terms of compressive strength and water permeability was 12%. The compressive strength increased up to 43% when 12% of MBS was added to the concrete after 90 days period. Increasing the content of MBS exceeding the optimum percentage showed inferior performance of the concrete. It indicates that the pozzolanic reaction properties of MBS could improve the compressive strength and water permeability of concrete.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.