Study on Image Position Algorithm of the PCB Detection

  •  Lv Zhou    
  •  Sheng Deng    
  •  Huaiyu Yan    
  •  Liang Wang    


With the continuous development of electronic technology, automatic detection of the PCB board has become particularly important, and the key step of the detection is to identify and locate the location mark (usually it is a round). Hough transform is one of the most widely used circle detection method, but it is complex in computing and requires much resource. For these conditions, a new idea of circle detection is proposed to get the rough location of the circle with the template matching, and then the precise positioning is accomplished by an improved Hough transform which is to draw two non-parallel strings on the orientation round and the center of the circle shall locate the strings’ perpendicular intersection. Experiments show that the method is simple and effective, and can accomplish the PCB image positioning accurately.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.