Design and Analysis for EPB Shield Bracket Based on Ansys

  •  Sun bo    
  •  Zhang Yongliang    
  •  Min Rui    
  •  Ji Changqin    
  •  Zhuo Pan    


According to the structural characteristics of EPB shield bracket, the author establishes 3D solid model by Solidworks and corresponding finite element model of the bracket portion which is connected to the cutterhead by ANSYS WORKBENCH software. Through the static analysis of bracket’s stress characteristics under extreme conditions, we get its stress, deformation and safety coefficient distribution law under the maximum constraint conditions. After getting the maximum equivalent stress, the analysis of the calculation results shows that this kind of bracket with good static characteristics can meet the design strength requirement. This paper points out the weak position of bracket’s strength, and provides some reference data for the structural optimization design, as well as some basic data for both the structural design of bracket and the construction maintenance. Moreover, the structure analysis in the process of the grid selection and the key technology of the post-processing method are discussed in detail. The design example shows the effectiveness of the method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.