Investigation of Reinforced Sic Particles Percentage on Machining Force of Metal Matrix Composite

  •  Morteza Fathipour    
  •  Pouya Zoghipour    
  •  Javad Tarighi    
  •  Reza Yousefi    


In this study two-dimensional finite element models of Al/SiC metal matrix composites (MMC) by using of ABAQUS Explicit software are investigated. Chip formations and machining forces for three types of MMC with 5, 15 and 20% of SiC reinforcement particles were studied and compared with experimental data. The resulted chips in simulation and the generated chips in experiments have both continuous and saw tooth in appearance. On the other hand, the variation of the cutting forces with the cutting time in simulation and experiment have fluctuating diagram. This is due to the interaction between cutting tool and SiC particles during chip formation. ABAQUS explicit software was used for simulation; it was found that there are good agreements with simulation and experimental data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.