Emission Factor of Carbon Dioxide from In-Use Vehicles in Thailand

  •  Sutthicha Nilrit    
  •  Pantawat Sampanpanish    


The objective of determining the emission factor of carbon dioxide (EF-CO2) from in-use vehicles in Thailand is to gather important data for estimating transport emissions. These data may help develop greenhouse gas management plans for the area. In-use vehicles were tested on a chassis dynamometer by the Bangkok Driving Cycle to quantify CO2 emissions. The emission factor is defined as the average emission rate for CO2 per vehicle based on average speed and fuel consumption. The studied vehicle types were the following: heavy duty diesel vehicles (HDDV); light duty diesel vehicles (LDDV); light duty gasoline vehicles (LDGV); and motorcycles (MC) with 4-stroke engines. These vehicles were tested using a variety of fuel types available in Thailand. The study result was found that emissions from the vehicle types were significantly different at the statistic of p-value<0.05. These results can be compared with emission factors of CO2, including the vehicle types and fuel types from international studies and used in Thailand to promote better efficiency to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.