Saffron Stigma Separation by Oscillating Seperator and Wind Tunnel

  •  Aziz Babaie    
  •  Shamsollah Abdollahpoor    
  •  Asghar Mahmoudi    
  •  Seyyed Hossein Fattahi    


Quality is an important factor in food products marketing, in the agricultural products, which the lack of agricultural equipment effects on it. Nowadays, separator devices play an important role in the quality of agricultural products. In this study, the separation of stigma from other components is analysed in oscillating separator, wind tunnel and combination of two states for determining their transposition. Oscillating separator experiments were performed based on completely randomized factorial design with 3 treatment of slope, amplitude, frequency and 3 replicates that each treatment is carried out at two levels. Considering that saffron components terminal velocities were different therefore wind tunnel experiments were done at different speeds within the range of saffron components terminal velocities. The results show that the combination of “wind tunnel-oscillating seperator” had the best seperation. In the oscillating seperator, the frequency of 35 Hz, amplitude of 7 ? and slope of 10? in comparison with other states had the optimum seperation. This combination was followed the average stigma separation of 86.29% and percent of impurities of 14.14%.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.