Experimental Investigation on Endurance Test of Turbofan Engine

  •  Yao Huating    
  •  Jia Linyuan    
  •  Wang Xi    


In this test, we accumulate more than 10 hours of high-thrust state durability test on a turbofan engine. The test is conducted on a directly connected tube test cell which can simulate different flight altitudes and flight speeds. Performance parameters and important cross-section parameters are collected and the engine is decomposed after the test. The law of engine performance degradation caused by the aging of the engine parts performance is summarized based on the changes of performance parameters, important cross-section parameters and the structure of engine. Engine air path fault diagnosis is conducted using some test data to give approximate value of some component performance deterioration. The method and theoretic analysis are of some engineering value.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.