Design of Voltage Regulating Control Device of Improved PID Algorithm for the Vehicle AC Generator Based on DSP

  •  Du Baojiang    
  •  Guo Jingmin    
  •  Ji Changqin    
  •  Wei Xiong    
  •  Sun Anbo    


The performance of the voltage regulating control system will have a direct impact on the power supply quality of vehicle generator. Therefore this paper researches a design of voltage regulating control device of improved PID algorithm for the vehicle alternating current (AC) generator based on DSP. According to the analysis of the operation and the voltage regulating principle of the vehicle AC generator, using the TMS320LF240 DSP as controlling chip, the optimized AD signals conditioning circuit, PWM circuit and improved increment PID algorithm excitation controller based on digital PID algorithm are designed, which only use integral controller by the incremental algorithm, and the proportional and derivative controller by the positional algorithm. After integrated debugging and simulation, the reliability and high precision of the voltage control system are validated.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.