Systematic Approach for Designing Ultra Wide Band Power Amplifier

  •  Yadollah Rezazadeh    
  •  Parviz Amiri    
  •  Maryam Baghban Kondori    


In this work a systematic approach is presented for an allover design of full band UWB power amplifier. Purposed approach is included in three main steps, which are CMOS amplifier core stage bias design, input matching network and output matching network design, respectively. The first step starts by considering a cascode stage which can obtain power consumption and gain conditions through mentioned equations. Second and third stages are done through designing wide band LC networks for obtaining bandwidth requirements of UWB. For show performance of presented approach, we have designed a UWB PA through these steps. Simulation results show the performance of this design procedure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.