Investigation of Vitiated Species on the Effect of Scramjet Combustion Using Fuel of Hydrogen or Ethylene

  •  Weiqiang Li    
  •  Wenyan Song    
  •  Jianping Li    


In ground test of the scramjet, the air is heated by burning oxygen in oxygen-enriched air to simulate the flight enthalpy. As result, test media are contaminated by species (H2O, H, O, OH and CO2), which are not of representative in the actual atmosphere. In the article, the high enthalpy air is simulated by used the resistance heater, meantime vitiated species is introduced to the high enthalpy air. The effect of combustion is investigated by the experiments used the fuel of hydrogen or ethylene, when the test media are contaminated by H2O and CO2. At the same time, the effect of scramjet combustion is researched by numerical simulated. The result: the effect on the wall pressure and the combustion performance is markedly when the coming flow with contamination of H2O and CO2.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.