Study of Tensile Strength Distribution Based on Composite Materials for Aeronautical Engineering

  •  Du Baojiang    
  •  Ji Changqin    
  •  Chen Ping    
  •  Guo Jingmin    
  •  Sun Anbo    
  •  Wei Xiong    


The Tensile strength of an composite materials for aeronautical engineering was tested and its distribution was analyzed based on the two parameter weibull distribution?The maximum normed residual (MNR) test was applied to eliminate abnormal data. A graphical method was used to estimate parameters. Furthermore?the validity of the assumed distribution was examined by the kolmogorov test (KS). The results show that MNR test can be used to exclude abnormal data. It also suggests that the gained two parameter weibull distribution can be used to express the tensile strength and predict its values accurately.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.