IT & Mobile Tower Infrastructure Industry Collaboration - Leap towards Green, Smart & Sustainable Future

  •  Vikas Dua    



Suggesting, how IT and Mobile Tower Infrastructure Industry in India can collaborate to drive the benefits of implementing “Smart” solutions in the three imperatives (enabling new business models; differentiating the customer experience; and improving operating efficiencies) and contribute to sustainable development through analysis of various insightful points, both quantitative and qualitative.


This report utilizes a variety of research sources in preparing this Report. Key component of the Research analysis includes secondary research and where applicable, all secondary research sources are appropriately cited within this report. These research sources, combined with industry data and expertise, are synthesized into the qualitative and quantitative analysis, as presented in this report.


IT Providers can enable the Telecom Tower Industry with “Smart” solutions that can help the companies improve & be sustainable on all the essential ROI Drivers - Revenue, OPEX, CAPEX and Partner management especially in the area of Energy Management and contribute to sustainable development. The optimization of costs can be further supported by transition to renewable energy sources.

Research Limitations/Implications

The research is primarily based on secondary data combined with Industry data and expertise. Though the finding / recommendation of the research apply to the entire Industry but the impact on individual companies within the industry can vary, basis the maturity in data & business processes.

Practical Implications

Smarter solutions can be implemented by the companies, basis their individual problem statements, varying from addressing a particular process to new types of business models. We need to ensure that the regulations, policies and other stakeholders encourage & surge ahead towards the larger common goal such that thrust for sustainable development serves as one of the key item.

Social Implications

Smart Solutions can support Industry to reduce the Carbon Footprint, which stands at 5.63 Million Tonnes exclusively from the burning of Diesel in Tower Infrastructure space in India. This can help Industry to contribute significantly towards “Greener” Environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.